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Alternative Energy Solutions

Camden County Renewable and Energy Savings Programs 

Renewable Energy Program- Camden County Renewable Energy Program is a program designed to reduce energy cost, create jobs, protect the environment, and provide on-site renewable electric generation and predictability of future electric cost for the County and other related agencies. This program will install approximately 7 Megawatt’s of Photo-Voltaic panels throughout the County on rooftops, ground mounts and canopies over parking stalls at county facilities.

Other benefits include:

  • On-site generation of electricity which is a form of distributed generation reduces the County’s reliance on the existing regional energy grid and allows the electricity to be used at the point of generation therefore avoiding “line loss” during transmission and reduce the need to purchase electricity from a Third Party Supplier.
  • The County’s “carbon footprint” associated with the use of electricity will be reduced by 1,103,463 pounds in the first year alone.
  • Reduces the County’s peak electrical demand thus helps reduce overall demand charge and helps prevent brownouts and power loss by reducing strain and increases reliability on the ACE and PSE & G regional grid and sections of PJM especially under high demand conditions, like very hot summer afternoons.
  • Increases the predictability of the County’s energy costs, enabling greater budget control.
  • Renewable generation of electricity protects the environment by reducing the discharge of precursors to acid rain, particulate matter and airborne toxic material.
  • Canopies over parking stalls are an unusual and highly visible configuration providing immediate benefit to people who park in these spaces by providing protection from the elements year round. Parking in the shade keeps cars approximately 15 degrees cooler in the summer months, and the covering protects cars from winter ice and snow.



Energy Saving Improvement Program -  The Authority will assist Municipalities and School districts with creating Energy Savings Improvements Plans (ESIP) to take advantage of State and Federal Funding. The Authority will also manage the ESIP projects and help local entities start seeing the benefits of Energy Savings.