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Mission Statement

CCIA Mission Statement

Since 1979, the Camden County Improvement Authority has been serving the needs of local governments, private industry and non-profit organizations by offering cost-effective financing and more recently expert project management.  The Improvement Authority’s primary objective is providing low-cost financing to developers of workforce housing, public partnerships and economic development projects.  Over the years the Improvement Authority has been able to issue approximately $2 billion of financing throughout Camden County. The revenue generated has allowed the Improvement Authority to operate without any taxpayer dollars and be self-sustaining. The related services have contributed to enhance the overall quality of life for the residents of Camden County for over 30 years.   

(Charter Statement - The Camden County Improvement Authority is an independent public body created by the Camden County Board of Freeholders to provide financing and development services for community, economic, employment, redevelopment and affordable housing development projects that improve the quality of life for the residents of Camden County and other eligible areas of the State of New Jersey. The Improvement Authority is a body politic and corporate with unique powers prescribed by state and federal law.)